Boots & Saddles Leather Candle Tarts

Gypsy Charmed Relics

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Boots & Saddles Leather Candle Tarts

Boots & Saddles Leather Scented Candle Tarts

Fragrance Scent:
It smells like a deep and musky, black suede leather jacket- perfect a manly man. The refined leather aroma is evened out with Lemon and Mandarin zest with base notes of patchouli and frankincense.

We do not add color dyes to our natural soy wax tart melts. Every package comes ready to gift, even if it is a gift for yourself!

Made from Natural Soy Wax, and fragrance oil enclosed in plastic package and adorned with a rafia ribbon.

To use our melts:
Simply break away 1/2- 1 cube and place them in your electric warmer. Always use with caution around pets & children as wax can become hot. Tarts are a great alternative to candles for people who prefer not to have or are unable to have an open flame (ie. dorms). They do not have wicks and are not candles. You do need a warmer to melt them.


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